DJ Khanvict – House Arrest

Dj Khanvict

Dj KhanvictThis is one of Dj Khanvict’s recent mixes, just a couple of songs he put together. Dj Khanvict does not the OWN rights to any of these songs and the credit goes out to the artists that have produced these songs. Dj Khanvict has simply put them together on this demo. Hope you guys like it, feel free to listen to it, download it, enjoy it. Please leave your comments either below on this page or on Dj Khanvict’s fan page by clicking here or simply hit the “like” button below. Thank you.

 Hit the play button or “Right Click” the link and Download Now!


3 Responses

  1. sk says:

    Good stuff!

  2. OG says:

    What’s up Citizen Dog. Great stuff. SK showed me this link because she really likes it.