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DJ Lessons by Dj Khanvict

DJ Lessons by Dj Khanvict


Equipment Setup and Overview

There has been so many time that I see young DJs out there and when asked “Hey this is a new gear, what does that do?” their reply is “oh, I THINK it does this and that”… Main part of knowing how to DJ is knowing your equipment. I personally specialize in Technics 1200s and a regular Numark mixer, but after 10+ years of being a DJ, I have either used, performed on, or read up on just about all mixers, controllers and their functions out there. We will cover a great deal of controllers, turntables, and mixers in this session.

Serato Scratch Live

Having used Serato Scratch Live for the past 4+ years, We will go in-depth with every function that Serato has to offer you. After this session, you will know all of the functions Serato offers and know how and when to use them. With so many DJ software’s out there, having been able to try out Traktor and Virtual DJ, nothing compares to the performance and durability of Serato.

Beat Matching and Transitions

Beat Matching is the core of DJing, you can not pass as a DJ if your music does not blend well in and out of songs. Beat Matching is how a DJ is defined, you will learn how to count beats and learn how to adjust the tracks to get them in sync. Not only will you learn to Beat Match, but you will also learn when and how to transition in and out of songs. Just because you were able to Beat Match two songs together, does not mean you can just switch over and it will flow.

Hands on Mixing and Practice Session

After all of the classes, in this session, you will have your chance to be behind the DJ booth and create your very own 10 minute mix, which you can use to promote yourself. What good is all the knowledge if you are not able to apply it. In this session, I will oversee and assist you in making your own mix, which you will decide what songs to use that will describe you as a DJ.

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